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Fall 2012 Hair Trends

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17 unexpected uses for beauty, fashion, and household items

1.Eyebrow Brush
Stuck without a lint-remover? Use this handy makeup tool to remove unwanted fuzz from your shirt. Photo: Courtesy of Sephora

2.Dryer Sheets
No time for a shampoo? Rub a dryer sheet on your hair to tame flyaways and make your hair smell

3.Shimmer Eye Shadow
Between visits to your colorist touch up dark roots by spraying a light hairspray onto them and—depending on what hue your highlights are—brushing a shimmering gold or brown eye shadow over the top.

Have yellow nails? Scrub them with toothpaste to remove stains and add shine. You can also add a few drops of lemon juice for extra whitening; it’s a natural bleaching agent.

5.Toilet Paper

Don’t want to splurge on oil blotting sheets? Take a thin toilet-paper square and use it to blot excess oil on

6.Facial Toner
Did you make a mistake applying your self-tanner? An alcohol-infused astringent or toner can help fix

7.Cooking Spray

Rather than spray quick-dry oil on your nails, reach for a cooking spray instead. Just be sure it’s the original, unflavored version or you might get grossed out by garlic-scented cuticles

8.Nail Polish
Secure buttons by applying a thin layer of polish to the center to keep thread from coming loose. Coating the bottom of your shaving-cream can with lacquer can also prevent rust stains from forming on your squeaky-clean bathtub

9.Flat Iron
A hair straightener works great for ironing between buttons on your shirt, where a regular iron doesn’t fit. You can also use it for minor wrinkles on your blouse when you’re in a hurry.

10.Body Lotion

To tame unwanted flyaways, rub a dime-size amount of hand or body lotion in your palms and brush lightly on problem spots.

11.Petroleum Jelly
Help avoid blisters from those stylish-yet-painful stilettos by coating problem spots with petroleum jelly before slipping shoes on. Also: Neaten a nail job by dabbing on skin around your cuticles pre-polish. This way, if you make a mistake, the polish is easily wiped away.

12.Listerine Mouthwash
Have a painful blister that popped? To disinfect, dab a few drops of Listerine Mouthwash on—it’s a powerful antiseptic.

13.Paper Towels

Don’t have rollers on hand? Wrap hair in twisted paper towels; you can use more or less leaflets depending on how large or small you want the diameter of your curls to be.

14.Hair Conditioner
When you’re low on shaving cream, hair conditioner can provide a smooth, slick barrier between your razor and sensitive skin.

Detangle a knot in seconds: Rub cornstarch into stubborn knots on shoelaces, string, chain necklaces for greater grip and control.

Whether you have dry, itchy winter skin or discomfort from summer mosquito bites, mixing cooking oats into your bath will provide instant relief.

17.Old Buttons
Repurpose spare buttons by using them to keep pairs of earrings together: Most buttons have at least two holes in them, so simply place an earring in each opening to neatly store when not wearing.



When it comes time to glam up for a holiday party, there’s no better hairstyle than an updo. Check out these versions & see which one fits YOU.
And happy holidays!


Need some strand inspiration for all your holiday happenings?


For beautiful, au naturel hair in the dead of winter, spritz in a texturizing spray, blowdry locks upside down, and braid in a couple casual fishtails.

TIS the season to.. DYE YOUR HAIR!


LOVE this silvery/blonde/purple


Add some BLUE to your DUE!

Be pretty in pink!

I LOVELOVELOVE the way purple/lavender looks



I Think natural makeup is stunning!
Its all about being EL NATURAL and letting your true beauty come out and shine.



Stila Convertible Color in Gladiola has a dewy cream finish that looks “more natural” and “lasts longer” than powder blush.

For a sophisticated but glowing nude eye Nars Duo Eyeshadow in All About Eve proves beige is far from boring

Finish up with a touch of mascara.


Cabella Leave-in Conditioner is completely organic and does it all—detangles, treats, protects, and quickly repairs damage


The Wave


Wrap sections around a curling iron, twisting away from the face for “Hollywood glamour,” says Payne. Try Hot Tools one-inch professional curling iron. For maximum body and bounce, blow-dry hair with a Spornette Porcupine Rounder Brush. Lock in curls with TreSemmé 24 Hour Body Finishing Spray—it “holds the style for hours.”

Chunky Waves

DIY! Before bedtime, mist just-washed, damp hair with a leave-in conditioner and a volume-boosting aerosol spray (an aerosol spray will dry soft, and won’t leave hair hard and crunchy). Then twirl one-inch sections of hair into spiral braids and let them dry overnight.

Woven Braids

DIY! Start by spritzing dry shampoo or hairspray all over to give workable texture. Then pull hair back and divide into two sections at the nape of the neck. Take a small section of hair from each side, crisscross them over the gathered strands, and add to the opposite side. Continue loosely braiding, then secure with an elastic.

Bold Bun

DIY! After blow-drying hair straight, pull it into a ponytail. Spray water on the pony, pull it horizontally to the right, and fasten flat against the head about one inch from the center. Loop hair horizontally to the left and fasten the same distance from the center. Loop back and forth until all hair is used, spraying hairspray on each layer as you go. When done, tuck ends under and pin in place.

I Think my FAVORITE thing about buns is that you can dress it up and then make it so casual.
Its so versitile I lovelovelove it!

The Deep Side Part
A side part minimizes a large forehead, plays up pretty eyes, and gives rounder faces the illusion of an oval shape.



Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray is the perfect hair essential to achieve sexy beach hair!

So easy and a bed-head look we can all get away with in the summertime.
If your hair is long, pull it up in a bun before you go to bed, wake up and take hair out, spray with Bumble and Bumble’s surf spray, scrunch and go. If your hair is short or medium, bobby pin it into little twists, if it doesn’t reach into a bun and follow the same instructions.
TIP:divide hair into sections and comb through Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray with fingers for “great texture without having to overstyle.”


>> Falling temperatures and dry air can wreak havoc on hair and skin — not to mention the fragile beauty psyche. Update your routine and stay fresh as Spring with these beauty essentials. With natural ingredients, delicate fragrances.

Josie Maran Organic Argan Oil, $48
The perfect moisturizing multi-tasker. Add a drop to body lotions and hair products to amp up the hydration — or use this 100 percent pure oil on its own to tame frizz, calm skin, and condition nails.

Rodin Olio Lusso Lip Balm, $28
Keep lips supple — and prevent chapping — with the help of this all-natural lip balm in Rodin’s signature floral scent.



If its one trend that will never die out as a hair remedy its deffinately the style of a braid
french,basic,messy, Modern trends may come and go but the classics stays forever.

Now that you’ve achieve the desired hair length, you might want to adopt diffrent do’s for different occasions.

One of the option is to pleat it neatly. Apart from that, you want it stylish and what better way to do it then the classic braids.
Braids…Also known as ‘plaits’ in England, mainly.
Lets learn how to braid in many traditional patterns that comes from continents of the world.

The English braid is the most common type of braid

English Braid
This is the most common braiding style that you will get to see.
The braid starts at the nape region of the neck and extends down. The hair has to be parted into three different segments. You need to make the braid by crisscrossing the left over the middle parting first, followed by right parting over the middle. The braid is tied at the bottom by an elastic band.

French Braid
The French braid is quite similar to the English braid. But unlike the English braid, the French braid starts at an upper section of the hair.
A good technique to show off longer hair or give volume to fine or thin hair. The funniest thing about a French braid is that it’s much easier to learn how to do one than describe how to do it. A french braid hair style is only a little harder to create than a regular braid style, and it looks very pretty and sophisticated. Almost like something you would pay a professional to do. You don’t even need really long hair. Many describe it as making a braid backwards.
In this braiding style, the hair is not divided into three sections as such. You rather start with a small section of the hair and leave the rest of it hanging. Then, a small part of the hair is added from each of the sides when you cross over the middle section. If you wish to, you can start right from the forehead and make a tight braid. You can also create a loose one by starting from the back of the scalp region.

Swiss Braid
The Swiss braid is a very popular hairstyle. It often forms the hairdos of models walking down the ramp.
Two braids are crisscrossed at the nape of the neck and then are pulled to the top of the head The style looks much like a crown on top of the head.

The Crown Braid

The twist produces a rope like effect and also appears to sit on top of the head. It is great for proms and formal hair styles. A crown braid stays up very well, and looks good on almost everyone.
Much like the Swiss braid, with the only exception that it is quite difficult to make, the crown braid style looks very elegant and beautiful. The crown braid is supposed to be woven around the head in the manner of a French braid. When managed well, this particular style looks the most stunning of all
Hair that is braided around the head, or braided and then wrapped around the head, gives a regal and beautiful look. Crown and Heidi braids are flattering…

Fishtail Braids

Fishtail braids are also known as herringbone or fishbone. This looks time-consuming but is actually easy to braid.

Dutch Braid
Dutch braid is the inverted form of the popular French braid. The Dutch braid is made by crossing the outside strand of hair under the center strand, which is known as the left-under-middle and right-under-middle technique. This hairdo should also be done by taking strands from either side of the head

Rope Braid

It is very simple to make rope braids, although the hairstyle looks complicated. The braids are made with wet hair, preferably. To start with, the hair is pulled back into a ponytail. After securing it with an elastic band, the ponytail is divided into two strands. Now, each of the segment is twisted clockwise to give the appearance of a rope. The right section of the hair is wrapped counter clockwise over the left hair segment, tightly. You repeat the process until the end of the ponytail is reached.

Multi-Strand Braid

The number of strands used in multi-strand braid hairstyle ranges from five to nine. The complicated hairstyle should be done with a lot of patience, since it is hard to keep the hairdo neat. The technique used to make multi-strand braid is the simple left-over-middle and right-over-middle.


Messy Braids
So casual and so effortless yet so fab and cute!

Try to be creative with your hair, you can shape it and make it into anystyle you want!